Our farm currently has 130 Holstein milk producing cows. Each cow wears a yellow ID tag in their her ear and a computer chip collar around her neck, so the farmer can track her and her offspring's health.

Their diet consists of hay, grain and corn silage. They eat about 100 pounds per day

A cow drinks approx 1 bathtub full of water per day.

Our cows eat a high quality diet that includes locally grown corn

A cow must have a calf once a year to continue milking. A newborn Holstein calf is born with his/her eyes open, able to walk within one hour and weighing about 80 pounds.

A cow gives approx 8 gals per day or enough for over 100 people to have a glass of milk every day!

A Holstein spots are like a fingerprint or a snowflake. No two cows have exactly the same spot patterns.

It takes 70-100 hours for a cow to digest it's food.

When a Holstein cow is milking, she weighs between 1,100 and 1,500 pounds.

Coffee Milk the Rhode Island state drink

A cow will eat for 6 hours per day and chew cud for 8 hours per day.

The Milk less traveled... No fossil fuels were used to transport our milk to this store.

Cows are milked by machine and need to milked twice a day, every day. No days off, no vacations.

Gourmet milk at an everyday price

24hrs from cow to you: that means you get at least 2 weeks in your refrigerator

Fresh milk has a natural sweet taste

Light Cream is for Coffee and Heavy Cream is for whipping.

Antibiotics are used only when a cow's life is at stake, her milk is only used when tests show NO TRACES

We DO NOT inject our cows with synthetic hormones

Milk is processed on site