Our Dairy Farm

Our Dairy Farm

Our dairy farm is unique because we not only care for and milk our cows but also pasteurize and bottle their fresh local dairy milk here on Woonsocket Hill Road. We believe this provides the best shopping experience and best tasting milk for our customers. When you visit the farm you can see the animals are healthy and well cared for. You are also able to watch the cows being milked daily from 3pm to 5pm. Our fresh local dairy milk goes from cow to bottle in 24 hours. Fresh, local dairy milk has a natural sweet flavor and will last in your refrigerator longer than milk that is commingled with many farms and travels in a tractor trailer to a processing plant. That’s real value!

Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery offers our fresh local dairy milk from our North Smithfield, RI location. Also satisfying customers from MA, CT and surrounding areas.


Milk flows from the cows through a pipeline to our dairy plant, which is located at the back of the retail store. All our milk is pasteurized (the heating of milk to kill any bacteria) and homogenized (the blending of milk and cream so they won’t separate).

A list of the products we make in our dairy plant

  • Whole Milk (orange cap) about 3.5% butterfat.
  • 2% Milk (blue cap) a good compromise between whole and skimmed.
  • Skimmed Milk (yellow cap) .20% butterfat. Our Best Seller!
  • Coffee & Chocolate Milk (tan or brown caps) High quality syrups (including Autocrat Coffee Syrup) and flavorings make them a special treat.
  • Light Cream (purple cap) - Our version of ½ and ½, your coffee never tasted so good!
  • Heavy Cream (white cap) - 40% butterfat whipping cream, the same cream we use for our cakes and pastries.
  • Egg Nog (green cap) - Available during November & December for the Holiday Season
  • Cheddar Cheese - Made with our milk by Farmstead Cheese in Vermont.
  • Pepite de fromage (Nugget of cheese) - A milk cheddar cheese in bite size pieces, great for snacking.
  • Ice Cream - We are currently offering Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate, Strawberry, Maple Walnut, Oreo, and one seasonal flavor.

We are known for having great tasting milk, particularly skimmed milk. Why does it taste better? Because our milk doesn’t travel on a tanker truck, doesn’t get co-mingled with other farms and is in your refrigerator within 24 hours of coming from the cow it just holds the natural sweet taste better, it’s a difference you have to taste!

Our Philosophy

“We are a family farm through the sharing of our talents..
… we are promoting and maintaining local agriculture by using best management practices for cow comfort, nutrition and health.
… we are producing quality food for the purpose of nourishment and comfort for the families in our community.
… we are always striving to be a positive influence in our families and in our communities."

Shop Local

With every dollar you spend you are voting, not only, for the products you want, but also, for where and how you want them produced.

Save Your Caps

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