Great milk starts with healthy happy cows!

At Wright’s, we care about our animals and do everything we can to ensure they live a comfortable stress-free life.

That’s why we're part of the National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program. All members are held to rigorous guidelines that ensure the utmost quality on dairy farms across the nation.

Our herd is carefully managed to give us full control over our cows’ nutrition and overall health. Having a team of expertly trained individuals means being able to adjust feed rations, noticing changes in health or developing conditions, and keeping organized records and feed charts. We also take pride in the cleanliness of the farm and the barns, which in turn creates a healthy living environment.

Our cows receive regular veterinary check-ups to ensure optimal health. For generations we have been raising the easily recognizable Holstein Breed.

These cows are known for their black and white markings and strong production, making about 9 gallons of milk every day.

Each milking cow has her own personality. Just like humans, there are shy cows and bullies. Our farmers know our cows intimately and each of their quirks.

We do not use any synthetic growth hormones (rBST as it’s commonly known as) and our Holsteins enjoy a diet that is mostly home-grown in the pastures surrounding the farm. Reassurance of knowing exactly where your food comes from is something that we want for our families. That’s why we take pride when you choose Wright’s milk for yours. We take this responsibility serious, and it goes beyond just putting quality milk in a bottle. It’s ensuring that we are practicing the most environmentally friendly practices to safeguard our natural resources for the benefit and enjoyment of our future generations and yours.

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