Party Trays

Refrigerated Tray
(2 dozen)

Cream puffs, Eclairs, Chocolate and Strawberry Boats, Cornets, Bismarks, Apple Crisp

Non-Refrigerated Tray
(3 dozen)

Asst. cookies, Asst. fruit squares, Asst. puff pastry, Brownies, Magic bars, Pecan Diamonds, Asst. bars.

The Sampler
(2 1/2 dozen)

15 Refrigerated and 15 Non Refrigerated Including our most popular items!!

Breakfast or Brunch
(3 dozen)

Mini Danish, Mini Muffins and Mini Scones

Cream Puff & Eclairs
(2 dozen)

Cream puffs and Eclairs

Sliced Loaf Breads

Assortment of Banana, Banana-Nut, Pumpkin Raisin and Cranberry-Nut breads. Sliced and arranged (35 pieces)

Gourmet Tray
(2 dozen)

Carrot Cake, Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Eclairs, Killer Cake, Cannolis, Garnished with fresh strawberries

Kids Tray
(3 dozen)

Mini cupcakes, Chocolate chip cookies, and brownies


Asst. Cookies

Small 2lbs.
Large 4 1/2lbs.

All Platters are attractively arranged on a 16 inch tray All pieces are miniature in size, we suggest 2 per person We reserve the right to make substitutions.

Platters need to be ordered 48 hours in advance and 1 week in advance for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter.

Party Pizza

Full sheets = 48 Party pieces, Half Sheet = 24 Party Pieces

Choose from: Plain Sauce, Cheese, Spinach and Cheese, Broccoli and Cheese and Olive and cheese.

Minimum 48 Hour Notice to place orders.