Wedding Cakes

Thank you for considering Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery for your upcoming Wedding!

Here at Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery we bake all our cakes fresh with the highest quality ingredients. Our staff of skilled decorators are prepared to create a special cake for your day. Our cakes are more than just dessert, they are an expression of the bride and groom’s love for each other, their guests and reflects the beauty of the celebration while providing everyone with an edible memory of the event.

Your wedding is a special day, the process of choosing a wedding cake is daunting, start by looking at sample cake designs. View our design on when you are ready to set up a tasting contact us at

Cake Options

Golden Yellow, White, Marble, Chocolate, Spice, Butter Almond, Coconut, Lemon, Red Velvet, Chocolate Killer cake, Pumpkin, Blueberry, Chocolate Chip and Carrot Cake.

Filling Options

Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Pineapple, Apple, Chocolate Fudge, Peanut Butter, German Chocolate, Chocolate Ganache, White Chocolate Ganache, Fresh Fruit……other options on request.

Frosting Options

Traditional Buttercream, Italian buttercream, Fondant, Chocolate Buttercream, Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Fondant or Cream Cheese.

Request a Quote

Schedule a Tasting

  • Plan on 30-40 minutes for our tasting
  • We will provide 4 Flavor/Filling Combinations
  • First time tastings are complimentary
  • Additional tastings are $25 fee
  • It is always helpful to bring color swatches, toppers, ribbon, anything you would like us to use to decorate your cake
  • We can accommodate up to 4 at a tasting
  • Design consultation and price quote will be provided at tasting time
  • “Take Home Tasting” can be arranged by calling in an order. Samples are cupcake size and cost $3.00 each.
  • Wedding cakes are typically booked 3-6 months before the wedding. The more time you can give us the better.
  • Please email or call Ellen at 767-3014 ext. 6 to schedule a tasting

Cake Information

  • Selection starts at $3.50 per person based on cake flavor and design
  • Placing orders require $100.00 Deposit, which is Non-Refundable if order is cancelled. Payable by Cash, Credit Card or Personal Check.
  • Wedding Cakes that require delivery must be Paid in Full one week in advance. Credit Card, Cash or Bank Check. Personal check not accepted for final payment.
  • Pick up is an option but delivery is available for an additional fee
  • Delivery to reception is about one hour before guests arrive
  • We do not rent cake stands
  • We are responsible for decorating your cake with fresh flowers either provided by your florist (2 days in advance) or by our florist. Time does not usually allow decorating the cake on site. It is best to provide flowers in advance.

Cupcake Option

  • Pricing starts at $2.50 per cupcake, depending on flavor and design
  • Small cake is available for the top of the cupcake stand
  • Cupcake stands are available to rent or purchase

Dessert Tables

  • Assorted pastries already arranged on trays, we have 7 different trays to choose from. Each tray includes 24-36 pieces and range in price
  • Choose assorted pies and dessert cakes.
  • Choose a variety of our most popular desserts including cream puffs, eclairs, cannolis, cheesecakes, carrot cakes, tiramisu, chocolate dipped strawberries, mini cupcakes, brownies or cookies.


When do you make the cakes?

We make the cakes the week of the your event. If your event is Saturday, we’re baking on Wednesday, chilling then cutting and filling and coating on Thursday and all final decorations are done on Friday to set up for a Saturday delivery or pick up.

What is fondant?

Fondant is a rollable sugar product that goes over a frosting on the cake to create a smooth finished look and to add stability to the cake.

The design you choose may also determine if you need to use fondant. Generally formal cakes will require it to give a clean finished appearance and there are many decorating techniques can only be done with fondant.

I don’t like the taste of fondant…

We use a fondant that is sweet and tastes exactly like marshmallow sugar dough. People who don’t like the fondant can easily remove it and only eat the cake and buttercream.

Do you have a gluten free option?

We can make gluten free cupcakes to offer guests with this request.

  • Pricing starts at $3 per cupcake, depending on flavor and design

If I give you a picture, can you do the same cake?

While we strive to give you the same cake, there will be inherent differences due to different artist’s styles, techniques, cake size difference and different products being used. If you’re changing the main element of the cake (i.e.: fondant cake to a buttercream cake) the cake will not be the same due to the difference between the mediums. No two cakes are exactly alike, even two cakes that we make. But the main theme and feel of the cake will be very similar. If there is something extremely important in the design that you want to see in your cake, or if a color is very important please mention it and provide a swatch!

Can I stop in?

Yes. See our retail store hours and a staff member can take your information and get some basic pricing. Tastings are only by appointment.

What if there’s a problem with my cake?

We try our best to give you a perfect cake experience, but sometimes accidents or problems occur. If there is a problem during transport, we will contact the site and do everything in our power to get you cake to eat. We will be happy to discuss refunds and solutions with you in a calm and sensitive manner.

Click Here to download our wedding cake information.